Arsen Dye

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Arsen Dye

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Arsen was born on Nar Shaddaa where his father worked as a slicer for a Hutt named Xerxez. Arsen grew up in and around the criminal underworld and followed in his fathers footsteps, making many connections in it as he did, though one thing he possessed that his father didn't was a strong interest in weapons and droids. This eventually led him to become a gun runner and assassin as well as Slicer and droid mechanic for Xerxez.

Arsen rose in the ranks of Xerxez's outfit quickly due to his skills, he rose so quickly that when was about 17 years old he was sent on a job to the planet Carratos to hijack a ship belonging to a rival cartel who was secretly dealing with the Empire. But when he and his crew arrived they were ambushed by the Empire who boarded the ship Arsen found out that one of his crew had set them up and Arsen killed the traitor along with several of the Storm Commandos who had boarded through setting up booby traps via the computer system of the ship along with sniping a few out with extreme accuracy and skill.

Both caught the attention of the Imperial who was leading the Storm Commando squad and gave the order to take the boy alive. Which they eventually did but only after he had killed nearly half of the entire squad along with slightly wounding the squad leader.
After being captured Arsen was interrogated by the ISB and he didn't speak a word the entire time, this led to him being given the name Silence by the ISB officers who headed up the interrogation. The ISB officers were about to give the order to execute him when the Storm Commando squad leader stepped in and told them about how skilled he was with a computer and that he was also an expert marksman and that killing him would be a disservice to the Empire and that he should instead be trained as a DeathWhisper an Elite Storm Commando outfit who specialized in espionage, assassination, and all around "dirty work".

Arsen was then given a choice he could join the empire or die and he naturally chose to join the empire. The name Silence stuck with him and that became his call sign.

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