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Bounty Boards

Post by LTenhet » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:01 am

((The follow are Examples of Bounties placed by the Empire, as they are now the Imperial Remnant the legality of these bounties is questionable on Republic worlds))

Guidelines to posting bounties
- You must provide a name and contact information of the one who is posting for hunters to see.
- The target must be listed with hopefully either a description or picture.
- Be warned that unless posted bounties are legal, the Empire/Republic may hunt you down for posting it up. What defines a legal bounty? A legal bounty is one where the target has committed some sort of crime against the Empire/Republic or is just wanted in general by them. This will usually mean that the Empire will always be the poster.
- Anything other than that is up to the poster.
- Pay attention to previous bounties before posting one. Don't put up duplicate bounties.
- Bounties posted by Imperial Authorities are not seen as legal by Republic Authorities, and vice versa: Know the Faction when you go to claim a bounty.

Kane Griggs - Rebel Supreme Commander
- Description - Former Imperial Admiral, formerly a Rebel Commander, currently retired. Male, approximately 58 years old, 6 ft tall, brown hair, missing one eye. *A Picture of a younger Imperial Admiral Kane is posted alongside the picture*
- List of Crimes - Destruction of Imperial Property estimated 1,838 counts, Killing Imperial Forces estimated 50,000 counts ((NOTE This is due to destruction of star destroyers, cruisers, shipyards AND normal attacks)), Grand Treason, Theft 103 counts, Destruction of Civilian Property 12 counts, Rescue of Convicted Traitors 33 counts, Assassination of Imperial Admirals 8 counts, Assassination of Imperial Grand Admiral 1 count, Assassination of Imperial Moffs 12 counts, Insulting his Holy Emperor 74 counts, Engaging in Pirate Activities, Engaging in Smuggling Activities, Sheltering known Jedi.
Alive: 500,000,000 credits
Dead: 100,000,000 Credits
Proof must be delivered to the nearest Imperial Garrison. No Disintegrations.
Bounty By: Imperial Security Bureau

Logan Tenhet - Rebel Colonel
- Description: Average height male Dracling; red wings, dirty blonde hair, lightly tanned skin. A picture was posted alongside the bounty, in black and white, of Logan's face, not particularly vivid but recognizable.
- List of Crimes: Murder of Imperial soldiers, destruction of Imperial property, terrorist activities, conspiring against the Emperor, Treason against the Empire, Assaulting the Grand Admiral, Inciting a Rebellion, Opposing the Sith Order, Assaulting the Sith Temple, Assaulting a Sith (Multiple counts) Assaulting a High Inquisitor, Stealing Imperial property, Hijacking Civilian vessels, Hijacking Imperial Star Destroyer. Engaging in pirate activities, Engaging in smuggling activities
- Bounty:
Alive 410,000,000 Credits
Dead Nothing
Bounty By: Imperial Defense Ministry

Any Jedi
- Proper proof of kill must be given; head, body, etc. NO Disintegrations.
- Bounty:
Alive 20,000,000 credits
Dead 10,000,000 credits
Bounty By: Imperial Inquisitorius

Any Rebel Soldier
- Proper proof of kill must be given; head, body, etc. NO disintegrations, for full amount
- Bounty:
Alive 1,000,000 credits
Dead 500,000 credits
No Proof 10,000 credits
Bounty By: Imperial Military Ministry

Any Rebel Officer
- Proper proof of kill must be given; head, body, etc. NO disintegrations.
- Bounty:
Alive 10,000,000 credits
Dead 5,000,000 credits
Bounty By: Imperial Military Ministry

Any lightsaber taken from a Jedi, whether that Jedi was defeated or not, will give the bounty hunter a bonus
Working Lightsaber 20,000 credits
Bounty By: Imperial Inquisitorius
Broken Lightsaber 5,000 credits

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Re: Bounty Boards

Post by Blackwater » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:13 pm

Captain James Blackwater
- Description -Republic Officer. Male, approximately 34 years old, 6'2" ft tall, long brown hair, missing one eye.
Picture included.

- List of Crimes - Stolen property, failure to complete a contract, destruction of public property, injury to station personnel
Alive: 35,000,000
Dead: 15,000,000
Proof must be brought and presented to Nym on the Hunter's Paradise near Lok.
Bounty By: Captain Nym

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